Emerging technologies have enabled much more information to migrate into the vehicle, thereby significantly increasing human-machine interface design challenges. At the same time, new devices need to blend harmoniously into the interior, while remaining logical in their operation and visual presentation.

The Digital Dash Reconfigurable Tactile Display (RTD) is a completely new approach to meeting these challenges. Unlike other multifunctional solutions today, the RTD employs familiar physical controls, such as knobs, buttons and sliders, in addition to providing touch input, all while remaining totally reconfigurable in software. This allows the RTD to provide virtually unlimited functionality while reducing driver distraction and remaining intuitive for all drivers.

Digital Dash is a pioneer in the area of multi-touch displays and has been awarded several patents in this area and has several more pending.

Digital Dash demonstrated the RTD, including its patented "Two-Touch" multi-point touch screen technology*, at the Society for Information Display (SID) Vehicles and Photons conference in Dearborn, Michigan. SID has also published a paper on RTD technology as part of the conference. For further information, contact Tim Pryor at (905) 521-1443.

*US Patent 7,084,859. Other US and foreign patents pending.